Avoca Cemetery, Avoca, Cass County, Nebraska, USA

In 1884 Orlando Tefft, John H. Marquardt, John B. Carter, A. A. Barden and C. A. Kaufman formed the Avoca Cemetery Association. By May 8, 1884 the cemetery had been laid out one mile west of town. On May 14,1885 the Trustees of the Avoca Cemetery Association bought the land where the cemetery was laid out from Addison P. and Amelia B. Weston. The cemetery was plotted and dedicated on Oct. 7, 1885. On Nov. 23, 1885 100 deeds were procured and prices were set at $5.00, $7.50 and $10.00 per lots (four graves).

June 14, 1914 prices of lots advanced to $10.00, $15.00 and $20.00 per lot, depending on the location. A motion was made to put in a pump. There was $150.00 put in the bank and there was $236.85 on hand.

June 8, 1917 a motion was made to purchase a mower.

Dec. 6, 1933 motion to send $ 200.00 to Mrs. Ralph Graham for 1 and 1/4 acres of land as soon as they send the deed. It was sent in Sept. 1934. The County Surveyor surveyed the land after the hay was taken off. Surveyor's fee was $12.00.

April 18, 1941 it was voted to construct a road and have it rocked suitable for all to drive if so desired. A tribute was paid to Mr. B. C. Marquardt after his resignation. He had served on the board for fifty years and had a special interest in keeping the cemetery improved and beautiful.

In June of 1940 Elmer Hallstrom donated a flagpole to the cemetery and the auxiliary purchased a flag.

Nov. 19, 1969 it was decided to make 12 more lots in the cemetery in two of the streets.

Dec. 6, 1972 it was decided to sell two grave lots as well as the four grave lots. Twenty dollars for two grave lots and forty for the four grave lots and perpetual care will be mandatory. The cost being $50.00 for half a lot and $100.00 for the four graves. Louis Allgayer donated the "Avoca Cemetery" sign.

April 11, 1973 a motion was made to hire caretaker and order money for the same to be paid by Trustee of Perpetual Care fund.

January 1982 the Cemetery auxiliary disbanded and turned their funds over to the Avoca Cemetery Association.

Oct. 26, 2004 the board raised the price of the lots to $300.00 for the lot and $100.00 for perpetual care for four graves and $150.00 for 2 graves and $50.00 for perpetual care.

July 22, 2005 the board began fixing and repairing some of the older stones in the cemetery that have no family to do it.

March 16, 2006 a motion was made to erect a directory for the cemetery. Letters were sent out to family members for donations to defray the cost.

April 2008 the new cement was poured and the directory was set up. The newly powder coated benches were also placed around the directory, and new flag holders were installed in the ground by the Veterans Memorial.

A new flag pole was donated to the Avoca Cemetery in July, 2009 by the Maynard and Geraldine Bruns family in their memory.

Effective July 1, 2012 the price of lots increased to $700 for a full lot plus $100 perpetual care. A half lot increased to $350 plus $50 perpetual care.

Donations to help support the upkeep of this cemetery may be sent to:
Avoca Cemetery
c/o Susan Snodgrass
P.O. Box 602
Avoca, NE 68307-0602

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